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Review - An Inconvenient Kiss

An Inconvenient Kiss (The Ashford Brothers Series) - Caroline Kimberly

Do you like a little adventure with your romance? An Inconvenient Kiss definitely fits that bill. The leads take a little too long to clear the air between them, but I'd heard this book compared to the movie Romancing the Stone and I can definitely see the action-romance parallel.


Though most of the book takes place in India, the roots of the story start back in England. Proper young Georgiana Phillips is both beautiful and scandal-free, and therefore on track to make a good match. This all changes at a party when a suitor attempts to compromise her. Georgiana flees and takes refuge in a room occupied by Simon Ashford and his scandalous companion. After some repartee (and some mockery of her purity by the companion), Simon and Georgiana find themselves alone. More repartee brings us to the inconvenient kiss of the title - and discovery.


Georgiana urges Simon to flee the room, and she faces the music alone. Her refusal to name the one who compromised her and the ensuing gossip lead to her ruin in Society. Six years later, Simon has made his career in the Army and now serves in India alongside Georgiana's brother. He learns that Georgiana had left England to stay with a cousin in France, and that she and the cousin now travel with her grandfather, assisting with his scholarly pursuits. They have gone to Russia and Egypt, and are now coming to India to study and write about the people and their customs.


Georgiana is an interesting character. She's ruined, she has a terrible reputation, and she knows it - but she doesn't entirely own it. Sometimes when it suits her purpose, she plays the role of the worldly woman, but deep down something of her previous self remains. It's obvious that Georgiana has not completely come to terms with her new life even though she loves her studies, but as she spends time in India, she's forced to confront it in a way she hasn't before.


This is a partial review. You can find the complete text at All About Romance.