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Review - The Right Wife

The Right Wife - Beverly Barton

I haven't encountered too many romances set in the post-Civil War South. And I can fairly say that I haven't come across too many romances like The Right Wife either. Readers should be aware that this book has its uncomfortable moments involving race, together with some uncomfortably rapey moments and religious stereotyping. There is something about it that really stands out, though. It's that vivid but difficult to completely categorize quality I like to call WTF-ery.

With her sharecropper father now dead, 18-year-old Maggie Campbell now must find a way to provide for herself and her two younger siblings. When her aunt and uncle volunteer to take them, Maggie agrees and as the book opens, she is leaving Tennessee for Tuscambia, Alabama. At the train station, the family is drawn into a nasty incident as someone attacks their mixed-race maid (yes, poor sharecroppers traveling with a servant - let's suspend disbelief starting with page 1!) and Aaron Stone rides to the rescue.

Naturally, Maggie is left all atwitter about her brief encounter with the virile stranger. And naturally, Aaron and his friend Thayer are headed to Tuscambia themselves. So, what's the conflict? Well, we're going to have so many to pick from. First of all, Aaron has a somewhat mysterious and perhaps even shady past. Maggie, on the other hand, is going to live with an aunt who is very religious and whose son is the local minister. This isn't an inspirational, so don't be surprised when aunt and son turn out to be narrowminded, hypocritical prudes. Oh, and if the religious stereotyping isn't enough, be warned that the author does use the offensive racial language typical of the book's setting at various points in the story.

This is a partial review. You can find the complete text at All About Romance.