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Review - Letters at Christmas

Letters at Christmas (Entangled Scandalous) - Amber Lin

This novella was previously published in the anthology A Very Scandalous Holiday, and here is my review:


Letters at Christmas by Amber Lin has a plotline that I normally love - lost lovers reunited. In this case, Sidony Harbeck's beloved, Captain Hale Prescott, has returned from seeking his fortune and readers can feel the tension right away. Here is a man who promised to write and promised to return, and not only did he stay away far longer than anticipated but Sidony received not one letter from him. I started off wanting to see just how these two were going to find their way back to one another and there are certainly some touching moments. However, we also get some silly contrivances and a bit of "I love you...no, I'll never forgive you...Oh, but I'll have sex with you anyway..." shenanigans going on. I wanted to like this story more than I did but Lin's polished writing style needed something better than the frustrating antics which went on in this tale.

You can find my review of the entire anthology here.