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Review - Backwoods

Backwoods - Jill Sorenson

Do you like action adventure romance? If so, you really should be reading Jill Sorenson if you aren't already. She writes fantastic, hot action romance and does it very well. I loved Aftershock, and while Backwoods isn't the best of her books, it's still a cut above.

Though technically part of the series that started with Aftershock, this book can be read on its own. And what is Backwoods, exactly? Well, it's pretty much a lovely romance that takes place on The Camping Trip From Hell. Abby Hammond is definitely not an intrepid outdoor explorer but she decides to tag along on a wilderness camping trip with her daughter Brooke because deep in her heart of hearts, she knows her ex-husband's tendencies. And one of those tendencies is to be a total workaholic who cancels on events, leaving their daughter Brooke stranded.

Abby doesn't want Brooke to be out in the wilderness all by herself, so she goes along. Predictably, the ex-husband cancels and Abby and Brooke find themselves on a camping trip with Brooke's stepbrother Leo. Oh, and since the ex-husband and his new wife canceled, the stepbrother's father Nathan is now coming along on the trip as well. This all sounds more confusing than it is; somehow Sorenson manages to make this tangle of people feel like they fit together on the trip.

This is a partial review. You can find the complete text at All About Romance.