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Review- Speak of the Devil

Speak of the Devil: A Novel - Allison Leotta

I enjoyed Discretion, so I had high hopes for this next installment in the series. Things start off quite well, as we are dropped simultaneously into a very important moment in Anna's relationship with Jack and a brothel raid which takes a horrifying turn. Be warned: this novel is more graphic than its predecessors and definitely not for the squeamish.

On the one hand, the author does a very good job of depicting the toll that gang violence takes on communities and she does not gloss over the brutality of the gangs. MS-13 is the main focus of this particular story and as an attorney practicing in the DC area, I thought her portrayals were accurate. There is a bloodcurdling side to life in some parts of DC and its suburbs which many in this area are loath to confront, but Leotta does not let readers look away.

On the other hand, Anna's personal life veers heavily into the melodramatic throughout the book and by the last third or so, I just could not make myself care. In addition, the suspense side of things, which had started off in promising if nightmare-inducing fashion, resolves itself in a rather over-the-top and ultimately unsatisfactory way.