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Review - Dancing With Dragons

Dancing with Dragons  - Lorenda Christensen

Lorenda Christensen is back with the second entry in her DRACIM series, and I found Dancing With Dragons even stronger than its predecessor. Picking up right where Never Deal With Dragons left off, this installment follows Carol Jenski, a secondary character from the first book, on a snarky and romantic adventure of her own.

In the first novel, Carol fell in love with Richard, a leader at DRACIM and man believed to be a true pioneer in dragon-human relations in North America. As readers of the first book will recall, he is really working to destroy dragons and as his plot was partially discovered, he has framed Carol. Now with a price on her head, she's on the run to escape trial and possible execution while trying to prove her innocence.

While on the run, she crosses paths with reporter Daniel Wallent, who helps her out. Sure, he's also trying to get a story and so his help originally comes at a price, but Carol ends up being more than just a means to an end for him. The quest to clear her name takes both of them to Bangalore, where Carol is able to put her dragonspeaking abilities to work as a translator for the local dragon lord. Not only does she discover that the dragons she fears have more to them than meets the eye, she also uncovers some intrigues in the Bangalore dragon lord's court. And of course, Daniel starts to see her as more than just a source. Thankfully, he also starts evolving into less of a jerk and more of a hero as well.

As with its predecessor, Dancing With Dragons is told in first person - and clears one big hurdle right away. The first book in this series had a narrator with a clever, snarky voice. Carol's voice also has a humorous and snarky touch to it, but manages to be different from the first, and I was glad that Christensen convinced me as a reader that someone different was telling this story.
This is a partial review. You can find the complete text at All About Romance.