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Review - The Wedding of the Century

Wedding of the Century & Other Stories - Mary Jo Putney, Kristin James, Charlotte Featherstone

I'd already read the Putney and James stories from this collection in another anthology years ago. However, both are very good stories so I was happy to revisit them.

The Wedding of the Century (Mary Jo Putney) features a titled, impoverished British aristocrat marrying a fabulously wealthy American heiress. He needs to marry for money, but he actually does love the woman he chooses. However, she thinks they married only for money. Usually when a romance revolves around Big Misunderstandings and a couple's failure to communicate with one another I tend to get annoyed, but Putney's writing here is so understated and she tells her story so well that I ended by being drawn into the story instead.

Jesse's Wife (Kristin James) is just a sweet, sweet story. A wealthy rancher's daughter must marry after being caught alone with a man. The man in question is distasteful for a variety of reasons and so Jesse, a hired hand on the ranch, offers to marry her instead. She takes him up on the offer thinking it a marriage of convenience. Jesse is a sweet hero, and I found this a charming story, even if it did have some melodrama toward the end that wasn't totally necessary.

Seduced by Starlight (Charlotte Featherstone) is another sweet story. Jase has loved Blossom for many years, but kept his distance since she was betrothed to his brother. After the engagement gets called off, Jase is thrilled to have a chance to court Blossom. He just needs to convince her that he's there out of love, and not out of duty. In comparison to the Putney and the James story, the writing on this one just didn't seem to be quite as strong. I still enjoyed the story, but I didn't get drawn into it quite so much as I did the other two stories in the collection.

I find it's rare that I enjoy every story in an anthology, but that's definitely what happened here. If you're looking for some entertaining romance novellas, this is an anthology to try.