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Review - The Last Guy She Should Call

The Last Guy She Should Call - Joss Wood

Another fun read from Harlequin's KISS line. I initially bought it because the South African setting caught my eye, but the story itself held my attention. I've never read this author before, but I liked this book enough to make me want to check out her backlist.

This book features a likable but imperfect heroine - Rowan Dunn has her good points but she really needs to grow up. An incident from her high school years, while understandably very upsetting, led to her decision to leave her home in South Africa and basically spend her time drifting around the world. She has an eye for antiques and it is her antique sales that have kept her going for more than a decade.

The story opens where Rowan's luck has run out. She spent her reserves to procure some valuable works of art for whom she knows she has a buyer in Australia. The problem? She once overstayed her visa in Australia years ago and customs caught on to her. So, instead of selling her items and pocketing the profit, she is stuck on a one-way flight home to South Africa. She has no wish to go home and no money to get herself back on the road again.

Rowan is largely estranged from her family(and they're overseas at the moment anyway), so she finds herself having to call on her best friend's brother for help. And from this setup, we get both a slow-building but sexy love story as well as a story about a heroine finally figuring out who she is. Seb Hollis is a little overly perfect(kind of the hip and modern version of the too rich to be true hero), but he is likable. His willingness to admit that there is more to Rowan than he gave her credit for is admirable as well. Rowan and her tendency to run away from problems frustrated me at times, but she definitely grows up over the course of the story, and by the end, I was firmly convinced that these two would have a real HEA.