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Review - Vanish

Vanish - Tess Gerritsen

This is my favorite Rizzoli & Isles book so far. Some of the subject matter in this book is truly disturbing(those who find plots involving sexual assault triggering may want to avoid this one), but I thought the author did a good job not only of telling a story but also of delving deep into a problem that lingers in the shadows of many cities and towns. As with some of the other books in this series, Gerritsen has a way of making the reader think she has figured out the plot of the story - and then taking things in an unexpected direction.

I'm being deliberately vague on the plot of this book because it takes many twists and turns over the course of the story. I will say that readers get dropped into the story with a jolt as the author describes what happens to victims of human trafficking with more detail than most folks probably want to think about, and then things build from there.  Beyond that, I'll leave readers to discover the rest of the story on their own.