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Review - Love Your Entity

Love Your Entity - Cat Devon

Love Your Entity is a tricky book to grade. Most of the time, it walks that fine line between adorable and annoying as readers get to follow the latest round of antics in Chicago's Vamptown. However, since I got more eyerolls than chuckles out of this one, it's not something I'd recommend.

Sierra Brennan comes to Chicago for a reason time honored in Romlandia: She has to live in a dead relative's house in order to collect under his will. Said house has defeated more than one claimant before her, so one would think that Sierra might have some idea of what she's in for. She is nevertheless surprised to learn that her house is haunted. Sierra can see and communicate with ghosts, so living in a haunted house, particularly when one of the ghosts in question is obviously hostile, poses its own set of problems for her.

Then there's the unexpected roommate. When Sierra arrives, she is met by a very naked Ronan McCoy - and he's not exactly happy to see her. As Ronan tells her, he has a prior claim to the house and he wants her out. Of course, Ronan can't exactly tell Sierra that this was his family home back before he was turned into a vampire but he does manage to cook up enough trouble to convince Sierra to agree to a temporary truce. Each will occupy one floor of the home until Sierra's lawyer is back in town to sort things out.

The idea of a vampire enclave living peacefully in the middle of a big city has its appeal, and at times the interactions between Sierra, Ronan, and the neighbors can be humorous and fun. Ronan's quest to find a mysterious key in the house in time to save his sister, as well as Sierra's need to fulfill the terms of the will also gives the story a sense of urgency that takes things beyond humorous banter and slapstick. At times I found myself hoping that this light paranormal would work, but it just never came together well enough.

This is a partial review. You can find the complete text at All About Romance.