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Review - Feather on the Moon

Feather on the Moon - Phyllis A. Whitney

I have very fond memories of some of the older Phyllis Whitney books. My mother is a huge fan of this author, and I remember having some of her books handed down to me in middle school and high school. Somehow I missed out on Whitney's later works, so when I saw Feather on the Moon at the UBS, I was thrilled to pick up a book by Whitney that I hadn't read before.

This one isn't her best effort, but it's not a bad read. I suspect that if I had read it back in the 90s, I probably would have enjoyed it more. Much in this book hinges on the heroine's child having been kidnapped and said heroine being unable to prove that a child she is introduced to years later is or is not her lost daughter. Nowadays, a simple DNA test would clear that up, so I kept having to remind myself of when this book was written.

Mystery child aside, the rest of the story is a pleasant enough read. Whitney used some wonderful settings in her writing, and the glimpse of Victoria, British Columbia that we get in this book certainly made me want to go explore there. The romance in this book feels a little forced, but the "creepy family full of secrets" gothic plot makes for entertaining reading. All in all, this isn't the best gothic novel I've ever read but it's far from being the worst.