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TBR Challenge - Hideaway Home

Hideaway Home - Hannah Alexander

For the multi-blog TBR Challenge, our theme of the month was series catch up. Now, I have an embarrassment of riches on this one because I tend to be pretty lackadaisical about finishing up entire series of books. Since I have so many books to choose from, I took forever to pick out a book to read. In the end, I happened across Hannah Alexander’s 2008 release, Hideaway Home and decided to give it a whirl. I’ve enjoyed several of the Hideaway books published for Love Inspired’s contemporary suspense line, so I was curious about this World War II-era prequel.

Hideaway Home tells a homefront story from the end of the War. V-E Day has passed, and most people’s attention has shifted to the war in the Pacific. As the book opens, injured soldier Red Meyers is headed home from Italy to Hideaway, Missouri. It’s a difficult journey home for Red because he has not yet come to terms with his war injury and feels rather useless due to his limp. He had planned to marry his childhood friend and sweetheart, Bertie Moennig, but now he thinks he has nothing to offer her.

Bertie has her own troubles. All through the war, she had written faithfully to her beloved Red, and she has been both hurt and worried by the fact that his letters to her suddenly stopped. In addition, she had worked in a aircraft plant, but now feels compelled to return home following the mysterious death of her father. Though warned that she may not be safe at home due to suspicions surrounding what happened to her father, she feels determined to come home for his funeral and to keep the family farm running.

This book really was a mixed bag. On the one hand, the story was filled with all kinds of interesting historical detail. Instead of a history lecture, I felt like I really did get transported to small-town America in the 1940s, complete with references to the prejudices faced by German-Americans during the War and the hardships seen on farms recovering from the Great Depression.

This is a partial review. You can find the complete text at All About Romance.