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Review - Mr. (Not Quite) Perfect

Mr. (Not Quite) Perfect (Harlequin Kiss) - Jessica Hart

I think I just found a contender for 2014's Best Category Romance. Mr. (Not Quite) Perfect mixes lighthearted romantic comedy and emotional angst almost perfectly to create a story that held my attention from beginning to end. Not many books will manage to both make me laugh out loud and get teary, but this one manages it.

Living in the shadow of her reknowned journalist mother doesn't come easy for Allegra Fielding. She struggles to win her mother's approval but heavyhitting political writing just isn't her. Instead Allegra is trying to find a footing at Glitz, a fashion magazine. She's convinced that her latest article idea just might help her climb the ladder. Allegra will transform a not-so-perfect everyday guy into Prince Charming and take readers along for the ride.

Allegra gets the go-ahead to write her article, but finding a volunteer to take part in the various stunts Allegra cooks up proves more difficult. Since Allegra is helping out her roommate Max with a business dinner, she decides to rope him into being her guinea pig for the article as payback. Not surprisingly, as the two work together on the sometimes ridiculous assignments required for the piece, the chemistry between them becomes impossible to ignore.

If you love friends-to-lovers stories, this one is particularly sweet. The plot is pretty predictable for anyone who has ever watched a good romantic comedy. However, what takes this book from okay to great is the writing.

This is a partial review. You can find the complete text at All About Romance.