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Review - Discretion

Discretion - Allison Leotta

I enjoyed Leotta's debut, Law of Attraction, even though it had its weaker moments. However, with Discretion, Leotta really seems to hit her stride. Just as before, I enjoyed the way in which Leotta brings the legal and political scene in Washington DC to life in her writing.

In this particular story, Anna Curtis finds herself involved in the investigation of a mysterious death at the Capitol. The investigation quickly leads Anna toward an upscale escort service whose ties seem to reach into some pretty powerful places. I liked Anna a lot more in this book as I saw her navigating her way around the investigation of the case with confidence and intelligence. Since she is working with her boyfriend, homicide prosecutor Jack Bailey, on the case, readers get to see that relationship deepen and grow as the two work on a very challenging case.

The pacing in this book is fantastic (I read it in one sitting), so if you're looking for a legal thriller that will hold your attention from start to finish, I'd definitely recommend it. In addition, if you like a bit of romance with your mystery, Anna Curtis and Jack Bailey are a fabulous couple to follow.