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Review - The Mountain's Shadow (DNF)

The Mountain's Shadow - Cecilia Dominic

I picked up this book because it sounded like a promising mix of paranormal and gothic elements. The heroine, Joanie, inherits her grandfather's estate after his mysterious death and with her life in somewhat of an uproar, she decides that heading out to the isolated Wolfsbane Manor might be just the ticket. Things started off well enough as Joanie encounters a place full of secrets - including her grandfather's unexplained disappearance - and perhaps even a hint of romance waiting in the wings.

However, it all start to go downhill fairly quickly. While the worldbuilding with its idea of lycanthropy being the new "it" diagnosis caught my attention, the disjointed plotting and annoying characters finally drove me to give up just before I hit the halfway mark with this book. For instance, we have Joanie having an affair with her married boss but then chewing out her best friend for likewise having an affair with a married man. In fact, by the time my patience with this book ran out, I just could not understand how Joanie and her best friend actually managed to have a friendly relationship because they just seemed to be so catty and nasty to one another.

I love books with a touch of gothic to them, but this one is such a disjointed mess I can only recommend taking a pass.