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Review - First to Burn

First to Burn - Anna Richland

With First to Burn, military romance plus a foray into the paranormal proves to be a winner for the most part. Anna Richland takes her immortal warriors and blends the Beowulf legend with modern-day military conflict for a story that certainly caught my attention. Even with the dreaded sagging middle, it's still strong enough for me to recommend giving it a try.


As the story opens, we are confronted with the mystery of Sgt. Wulf Wardsen. Seriously injured in Afghanistan, he somehow heals miraculously en route to the hospital. The discrepancy between the report from the field and Wardsen's condition upon arrival catches the attention of Army doctor Capt. Theresa Chiesa, and she is determined to investigate. Theresa is no idiot, so her investigation and ability to piece together parts of Wardsen's history that just don't add up threatens to expose him. He takes action by seeking out Theresa directly and Wulf's attempts to cover himself lead to flirtation, and it's obvious that there is an attraction there.


And that's just the point where this book gets difficult to evaluate. Wulf is enlisted and Theresa is an officer, and thankfully they don't just breeze by the fraternization rules as I have seen in other military romances. The issue is a real one for them, and it's something they need to grapple with. Unfortunately, it also greatly slows down the development of the romance so one must wade through a lot of mutual lusting before there's ever the hope of them getting together. On the plus side, there is a lot more going on in this book and some of it gets very interesting. The characters must deal with an unstable situation in Afghanistan and it also becomes apparent that the immortal Wulf has an enemy from his past to uncover and confront. So, even if the romance develops slowly, the action certainly doesn't.


This is a partial review.  You can find the complete text at All About Romance.