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Review - Three River Ranch

Three River Ranch: A Three River Ranch Novel (Entangled Bliss) - Roxanne Snopek

My challenge for the month was to read something short – a category novel or a novella or short story. I tend to buy plenty of category romance so this was no problem for me. When Entangled launched, I had purchased several books from their various category lines to try and a few were still sitting unread on the Kindle, so this time around I decided to try Three River Ranch by Roxanne Snopek. Three River Ranch is a 2012 release from the Bliss line, a line that seems to feature American settings, strong family/home/community themes and fairly low-level sensuality. I have a feeling this line would appeal to readers of Harlequin American Romance or Special Edition.


The set-up of this book is pretty contrived, but it’s basically okay even if things do get cheesy on occasion, and I’d give it a C. Aurora (Rory) McAllister has come to the small town of Chinook, Montana from Billings in search of a new start. She rents a ranch guesthouse, sight unseen, and prepares to settle in. She’s expecting a baby, her fiance has reacted to impending fatherhood by dumping her, but at least a friend and midwife whom she trusts lives in town.


This is a partial review.  The complete text is on the blog at All About Romance.