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Review - The Magic Between Us

The Magic Between Us - Tammy Falkner

At first glance, The Magic Between Us looks like one of those books that could go one of two ways. It could end up being a cute, sweet story or saccharine enough to make a reader's teeth hurt. Thankfully, readers will find a lot more of the former in this tale of star-crossed lovers caught between Regency England and the land of the Fae.

Cecelia Hewitt has grown up in the land of the fae expecting that she would marry Marcus Thorne, her childhood sweetheart. However, we soon learn that Marcus is only part-fae, and he has a mother and father in the human world. Even worse for Cecelia, Marcus is the oldest son of an aristocrat in that world and so he must take up the responsibilities of his position and produce an heir. A human heir. The book opens with Marcus bidding farewell to Cecelia in a scene that convinces readers of Cecelia's heartbreak.

Six months later, Marcus and Cecelia meet once more in the human world. This time around, Cecelia has been sent on a mission and it is there that her path crosses with Marcus once more. Not surprisingly, she still feels very hurt over Marcus leaving as abruptly as he did. Not long after seeing Cecelia again for the first time, Marcus begins to realize just what he has given up. However, his sense of duty to his human family and his lingering love for Cecelia fight with each other in his mind and he just does not see how things can work out between the two of them.

Given the rules of the human world and the land of the Fae, the tension between Marcus and Cecelia feels believable. I thought Cecelia was a little quick to forgive Marcus, but given that the author makes it clear she never stopped loving him, I could accept it. The fact that Marcus and Cecelia make an endearing couple probably went a long way toward that, as I enjoyed seeing the two of them together.

This is a partial review. You can find the complete text at All About Romance.