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Review - Take Over at Midnight

Take Over at Midnight - M.L. Buchman

If you like action movies, you might like Take Over at Midnight. This book reads a lot like an action screenplay converted into novel form. Plenty of tension-filled flight scenes, interesting team dynamics, larger than life characters, and so on. This romance is a little light on the actual romance and some of the cliches will make your eyes roll, but has its fun moments if you don't take it too seriously.


Lola LaRue is the new pilot on the SOAR team. The story opens as she arrives at her unit, a little nervous but more than ready to prove herself. Even though there is a romance involved, the story often feels as if it's primarily about Lola. And in true action hero fashion, Lola is just too good to be true. She knows the right things to say to break the ice with the guys (and at least some of the women) she'll be flying with, she's gorgeous, and we quickly learn that she is also some kind of flying prodigy.


One of the first people Lola meets is Sgt. Tim Maloney, who is a gunner on one of the helocopters in SOAR. They seem to bond almost instantly and as Lola gets acclimated to her new duties, Tim finds himself very interested in what he sees. Lola returns the interest, and the two move from friendly flirting to sex. Just as in many action movies, the relationship almost feels like something extra that has been tacked onto the story. In this case, most of the action focuses on SOAR's covert missions and the discovery of a possible bioterrorism plot. In that context, Lola and Tim are really just a little bit of something extra.


This is a partial review.  You can find the complete text at All About Romance.