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Review - Dark Tide

Dark Tide - Elizabeth Haynes

As with the author's previous novel, Into the Darkest Corner, Dark Tide starts off rather slowly. We meet the heroine, Genevieve, as she is throwing a party on her houseboat to celebrate accomplishing her dream: She has left behind her city job in London for a quieter existence on the boat.

Her happiness turns to horror when she discovers the body of an old friend washed up beside the boat. So far, Genevieve has been able to keep parts of her past a secret, so very few people know that she financed her dream boat by moonlighting as an exotic dancer in a shady club. However, the murder of her friend and fellow dancer causes her past to start invading her new life.

As I mentioned, it all starts off rather slowly and I had trouble staying with the story for the first few chapters. However, we soon start seeing flashbacks into Genevieve's earlier life and that, combined with the gradual increase in tension of the suspense plot, kept the pages turning.

In the end, this book does lack the claustrophobic atmosphere and slightly addictive quality of Into the Darkest Corner, but it's not a bad read at all. I actually liked the somewhat fearless heroine of this book better, and there's a nice love story woven into this book as well. Dark Tide wasn't a huge standout for me, but I did enjoy it.