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Review - The Elephant Girl

The Elephant Girl - Henriette Gyland

I enjoy good romantic suspense of all flavors. Thrilling, action-packed books that keep me on the edge of my chair turning pages enjoy pride of place in my library, as do gothics which build their tension inch by chilling inch. What doesn't work for me is total boredom. The Elephant Girl promised an unusual suspense story, but much of this meandering novel just bored me silly.


As a young child, Helen Stephens witnessed her mother's murder. However, she remembers almost nothing of it and when her extended family opts to place her in foster care rather than raise her, Helen's world basically crumbles apart. Now an adult, Helen lives overseas until news of her grandmother's impending death and her own inheritance brings Helen reluctantly back to England. The woman convicted of killing Helen's mother has also recently been released from prison and Helen dearly wants to track her down for reasons of her own.


The beginning of the book certainly sets the stage for all kinds of mysterious goings-on. Helen herself starts to question whether the "official" version of the murder is in fact what happened. And it's more than obvious that Helen's remaining family have some secrets of their own. The reaction of Helen's grandmother to her homecoming is not exactly what one would expect from a woman who opted to push her into foster care rather then care for her, and the aunt Helen remembers as being kind to her meets her with an odd hostility and coldness. And then there's the quest for the convicted murderer.


This is a partial review.  You can find the complete text at All About Romance.