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Review - The Vampire Voss

The Vampire Voss - Colleen Gleason

I have had this book in my TBR for ages, but hesitated to read it. I loved the Gardella Vampire Chronicles and I think on a certain level, I was afraid that this series just wouldn't live up to it. However, if The Vampire Voss is anything to go by, the Regency Draculia are quite different - and also good.

So many paranormals I've read make vampires either seem like groups of 21st century frat boys or superheroes. Gleason goes back to the older vampire tales and makes her vampires something more fearsome. As with other Dracule, Voss has made a pact with Lucifer. In return for his immortality and power, he lusts for blood, his soul is damned, and his body bears a mark by which Lucifer can control him. Throughout the story, we see Voss struggling with his very nature, painfully walking that line between the life of the damned and at times wanting to be redeemed, to become someone better.

What makes Voss want to change? Well, after years of self-indulgence, he comes across Miss Angelica Woodmore and something about her just gets to him. Angelica is of interest to Voss and other Dracule because of her ability to touch an object and foresee how and even when its owner will die. Voss and other, more malevolent, vampires would love to use this ability for their own purposes. Voss is used to using others to his own advantage, but something about the intelligent Miss Woodmore awakens in him a desire to protect. Even though the romance moves a tad slowly in comparison to the other plot action, I loved seeing how Gleason showed Voss falling for Angelica almost in spite of himself. I also found the moral conflict between what Voss was and Angelica's human world much more compelling than the average vampire read. I'll definitely be pulling the rest of the trilogy out for a read.