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Review - Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro

This book is one of those for which it's difficult to write much of a review because one of the main reading pleasures lies in slowly discovering the many secrets of the characters' world.  Writing too much about the story would simply give too much away.


The story focuses primarily on a set of friends who grow up together at a special school, somewhat insulated from the rest of the world.  We do get hints throughout the text that all is not as it seems in this special, special world but readers certainly don't get the whole story all at once.  One of the beauties in the story lies in Ishiguro's ability to tell a tale of larger issues and devastating secrets entirely through the eyes of people so lost in the minutiae of their day to day lives that they fail to entirely grasp the bigger picture (or maybe they don't want to face it all?)  Not a book to read when you're looking for a quickie read or lots of action, but it's a disturbingly brilliant book to gradually sink into.  The main characters often frustrated me, but I couldn't stop thinking about them.