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Review - Trancehack

Trancehack  - Sonya Clark

Trancehack introduces readers to a dark and intriguing paranormal world, and as paranormal romance, it works. However, underneath the paranormal overlay, this book also ends up being something of a police procedural at heart - and it's not half bad at that either.


Set in a future United States, Clark envisions a world in which those with magical powers live under laws which force them to live in urban ghettos and which limit their ability to marry, to move outside their "zones", to hold certain types of jobs, and so on. They must inhabit a distinct underclass in American society and most people steer clear of them. Calla Vesper, a witch, makes her living creating jewelry and cultivating other, more secret, skills in her zone.


Calla's world collides with that of the Normals one day when Detective Nathan Perez starts making inquiries in the zone. A powerful doctor has been killed and his death appears linked with the zone and with drugs known to be manufactured there in various forms. Since this doctor had been responsible for separating magic-born children from their families and sequestering them in zones, Calla and her neighbors don't exactly mourn his passing and they are deeply suspicious of a Normal poking around their neighborhood and asking questions.


Things between Calla and Nathan start off slowly and believably. Calla does not trust the Normal world and Nathan truly does not understand the magical one. It's Nathan's willingness to admit he does not understand this other culture that not only moves the story forward but also makes Nathan much more approachable and likable as a character. Nathan wants to solve the crime and he knows that he needs help from Calla in order to navigate the world he investigates. She doesn't exactly welcome him with open arms, but grudging tolerance turns to reluctant respect and keeps moving into warmer realms.


This is a partial reivew.  You can find the complete text at All About Romance.