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Review - Deadly Contact

Deadly Contact - Lara Lacombe

I love romantic suspense, though I have to admit to having some secret ops and serial killer fatigue. There are good authors writing both types of stories, but I've just read too many. The bioterrorism angle of Deadly Contact caught my eye, though, and I decided to give it a whirl. I'm glad I did because it wound up being a fine adventure.


Scientist Kelly Jarvis and FBI Special Agent James Reynolds have been friends for a while. They meet for drinks, chat about their jobs and life in general, and it's all fairly simple. Until it isn't. One night they end up giving into attraction and sleeping together, something that in the normal course of things might lead deeper into a relationship. However, it turns out that Kelly has a secret she keeps from James (and I'll leave you to discover that one on your own), so instead of exploring things further, she bolts.


For many of us, this would end up being one of those "what could have been" moments, the sort where each might wonder now and again what ever became of the other party. And that's where the mystery in this book plays an integral part of the story. Kelly's lab finds itself implicated in a terrorist attack and James shows up to investigate. Kelly's role in the plot feels realistic, as does James' need to figure out what is going on in this lab and how much Kelly knows about her supervisor's activities. Not surprisingly, the investigation puts Kelly and James on the bad guys' radar and a great chase ensues. Much of the book entails James and Kelly trying to solve the crime and stay safe while at the same time sorting things out between them.


This is a partial review.  You can find the complete text at All About Romance.