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Review - Before I Go To Sleep (Which I Might Do While Reading This Book)

Before I Go To Sleep: A Novel - S. J. Watson

This is one of those books that can be summed up by saying, "Cool idea, sloppy execution."


The premise really did pull me in.  If you liked the movie Memento, it would probably pull you in, too.  The heroine apparently had a nasty accident years ago and as a result, her memory is affected to the point that she's lost vast chunks of her long-term memory and her short-term memory is affected to the point that she forgets each day after she lives it.


She is at home being cared for by her loving husband, but we get hints that all is not as it seems when she finds the journal in which she has written a reminder to herself.  That reminder? Don't trust the husband!  Hmmm....


This could have been a bit of a gothic thriller, but instead it meanders in heavy prose and we get lost of the minutiae of the frankly boring lives of the protagonists.  As the mystery unravels, the story gets more and more improbable and the climax at the end just seemed completely ridiculous.  I had figured out the twist long before any of the characters, apparently, but I made myself keep reading to the end just to see if I got it right.  I did, but in the process lost precious reading time I could have spent on another book.