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The Magistrate's Folly (Heartsong Presents, #1036) - Lisa Karon Richardson I think I might actually give this one 4.5 stars. When I heard about the Heartsong Presents line, I'll admit that I wasn't quite sure what to expect as I'd heard this line being described as Love Inspired's much more conservative cousin. However, when I saw that this novel was set in colonial Virginia, I just had to try it. I'm glad I did because my preconceptions could not have been more off base.The story centers on a maid named Merry Lattimore who gets jailed and then sold in Virginia as an indentured servant as punishment for her theft conviction back home in England. The magistrate who convicted Merry, Graham Sinclair, once courted her and even though he felt the evidence against her compelled conviction, the case never sat easy with him. When the true culprit eventually comes to light, Graham obtains a pardon for Merry and sets off to Virginia, determined to put things right.When Graham comes to Virginia, he finds Merry working as a nurse/governess in the home of the family who bought her indenture. Not surprisingly, Merry doesn't exactly jump for joy upon seeing Graham. After all, not only did he sign off on her conviction but he is the suitor whom she believed to have deserted her. The two find themselves drawn into an intriguing mystery within the home of Merry's employers and far from being preachy, what unfolds is a charming story about justice and forgiveness that has some genuinely moving moments.The supershort length of the book (187 pages) meant that some parts of the story got glossed over that I would have liked to see in more detail. There were a few parts of the story that seemed a little fantastic, too, but I was enjoying things enough that I really didn't care too much about realism. In many ways, this book reminded me of the sweeter side of old school romance. I remember my grandmother having some old historicals that were set in a variety of time periods that never went any further than kisses, and this reminded me of her stash of little yellowed romance novels from the likes of Candlelight, Masquerade and Serenade Saga. I suspect that this novel won't get too much press, but it was definitely worth the afternoon I spent reading it and I've already lent out my copy.