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North Country Nurse (Candlelight Romance, #32) - Robert Ackworth This was a quick, interesting little read. On the positive side, I liked how the author worked in details of life in this very remote setting without giving huge info dumps. Since this book was written in 1965, some of the medical details made for interesting reading as well (knocking laboring women out with ether, anyone?), and the dynamics of the little village medical clinic were well done. However, the characterizations were a bit shallow and sometimes a little weird. For instance, the author goes to great pains to show heroine Mary Loring's struggles to find herself and to figure out what she wants professionally and personally. By way of contrast, he also shows Mary's stay-at-home friend agonizing over her choices and comparing them to Mary's pursuit of a career, a plot that almost 50 years later still feels very modern. It's the romance that feels abrupt and oddly unemotional. For most of the book, we get that Mary has had a crush on Kenneth Shannon for many years and when he comes home from med school and residency with a new wife in tow, she's devastated. The author doesn't really probe that, though, nor does he delve very far into the other possible romances for Mary so when she finally chooses a romantic partner, it seems to come almost out of nowhere because of the rather stunted development of the emotional side of the book's plot. Not a bad read as a medical story, but really not much by way of romance here.