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The Nanny Diaries - Emma McLaughlin, Nicola Kraus I read this for book club, and it just didn't work for me. I went into the book having heard that the authors dished on what went on behind the scenes in some of the homes where nannys work. There actually were some fun parts in this book, mostly near the beginning, where the authors skewer some of the ultra-wealthy and self-absorbed. However, the dichotomy of frivolous,neglectful, self-involved mother and deeply caring(if often whiny) nanny got painted on in very heavyhanded fashion. The nanny's confrontation at the end was deeply unsatisfying, though, and left me walking away from the book thinking, "Really? This is it? All that windup and this is all we get?"This novel is really more a series of incidents recounted and lacks something of a cohesive plot. The authors try to create unifying plot threads with the nanny's interactions with Harvard Hottie and the growing tension with her employment in the X household, but these never really pull it all together.