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Broken Harbor  - Tana French Really, I think I would give this one 3.5 stars. I loved The Likeness and Faithful Place, but Broken Harbor just didn't entirely work for me. I started the book thinking that I would love it. The main character, Scorcher Kennedy, came off as a superior jackass in Faithful Place, and as soon as this book started, I had no doubt that we were seeing the world through his eyes. He can be pompous and condescending, but when we walk in his shoes, it's a little more complicated than that. I found my mental barriers against him falling somewhat as I watched him trying to solve the mysterious killing of a family while also building a relationship with his rookie partner, Richie Curran.The book begins with a horrific killing of a father and two children that has also left the mother critically injured. As we start unraveling the mystery and finding clues, the story caught my interest. Tana French's descriptive language is absolutely beautiful and the psychological aspects of her stories keep me turning pages.And yet,as I trucked along through this book, I gradually found myself falling out of it rather than feeling more invested in reading. When we get to the parts of the book where it becomes apparent that the father of the slain family, Pat Spain, had some kind of mental illness or at least unhealthy fixation on a creature in the attic that likely didn't even exist, I found myself losing interest. The narrator wasn't holding my attention and this plot twist just did not feel compelling as it probably should have. And then there was the ending. I won't spoil it, but I have to say that I found it quite unsatisfying. Still, even though the book ended on a sour note for me, there was all of that beautiful wordsmithing. The author did a fantastic job of building her narrator's inner world and of evoking the places and people encountered, and the storytelling started off well even if I didn't get the payoff I was looking for.