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Eye of the God - Ariel Allison This was a book club book and while not the best thriller I've ever read, it did have its moments. The plot centers on the Hope Diamond, and the heroine, Dr. Abigail Mitchell, is a leading expert on the stone. One might fairly say she has an obsession with the diamond and its history.The main plot action centers on an upcoming celebration of the Hope Diamond and the ongoing problems of museums worldwide in battling a brilliant group of thieves known as the Collectors. Not surprisingly, they have their eyes on the Hope Diamond. Abby finds herself drawn into the thieves' web just as she begins a romance with a freelance journalist who is not what he seems - and all kinds of adventure ensues.On the one hand, the book reads smoothly and I found myself coasting through it. Even though some of the events sound unlikely, the plot action has a certain flow to it that keeps one wanting to see what will happen next. The author mixes present day action with scenes from the lives of previous owners of the Hope Diamond, including the doomed King Louis XVI. That historical context gave the book a moody quality that sets it apart. And even though she does some mindblowingly silly things, I found myself liking Abby. She grows a lot throughout the book and even though this is an inspy, the growth is shown rather than told in preachy terms. I appreciated that.So, what are the downsides? Well, sometimes the dialogue gets a little clunky. Then there's the plot to steal the diamond itself. I'm no expert on the Smithsonian's inner workings, but their security setup sounded improbably ameteurish in this story. I don't know the real details, but somehow I think they have better methods than the fictional security team depicted here. And while the ending had a couple of clever twists to it, I still found it a little abrupt. So, in the end, I'd say that I didn't regret reading this one, but I'm not sure I'd actively seek it out.