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My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult This was my first book I ever read by Jodi Picoult. On the one hand, I remember the plot and the writing vividly, so I can't really say the book was ordinary. However, I just couldn't warm to the story. As a lawyer, the court procedures in this book just didn't ring true. Granted, I'm in another state than the one in which the book is set, but I don't know of any state where the legal ethics rules would bless a scenario where a mother represents not only herself but other family members in a legal action against her own minor child. In addition, the characters in this book never felt like human beings; they seemed more like examples from a word problem in an ethics class. This made the book read more like a protracted exercise in emotional manipulation instead of a story and rather than being thought-provoking, this somewhat heavy-handed book made me feel taken advantage of as a reader. I tend to give authors second chances, so I might try Picoult again but I can say without hesitation that I didn't enjoy this novel very much at all.