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Sins of a Virgin - Anna Randol I'll admit that when I saw the title, Sins of a Virgin, my first thoughts went to the virgin widows and faux courtesans that seem to live in abundance in Romanceland, if not anywhere else. And as I started getting into the backstory, I wondered whether the spy heroine was going to be one of those fake tough women who is really just looking for an opportunity to gush sunshine and rainbows while she rescues urchins. No such thing. The characters in this book are the real deal, and this was a very entertaining adventure romance.The book opens as Madeline Valdan and her friends receive their dismissal from the government, together with rather paltry lump sum payments by way of pensions. The three are all criminals rescued from the gallows and sent off to spy for the Crown during the recently ended Napoleonic wars. Given their histories, their ability to fit back in to society will be somewhat limited. Madeline, the heroine of this book, comes up with a brazen scheme to ensure her future security: She will auction off her virginity.Prior to announcing her auction, Madeline used her pension payment to set herself up in Town and to ensure that she got herself seen by all the right gentlemen. Given her flirtatious antics, many doubt her virginity, but Madeline is beautiful and appears to be the consummate tease, so the men of London have no problem when it comes to bidding on her favors. Madeline plans to drum up interest and drive the price as high as possible, so she hires Bow Street Runner Gabriel Huntford to act as her bodyguard and also to investigate bidders to make sure they actually have the money to back up their bids. Gabriel finds Madeline's scheme abhorrent, but Madeline has a connection to a murder case he desperately wants to solve, so he takes the job. Along the way, threats to Madeline mount and Gabriel finds himself liking and protecting Madeline more than he had anticipated.This is a partial review. You can find the complete review at All About Romance: http://likesbooks.com/cgi-bin/bookReview.pl?BookReviewId=9177