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Good Girls Don't - Victoria Dahl This book was really a mixed bag for me so I'd give it 3.5 stars or a B-. On the one hand, I liked the dialogue and the general flow of the story. It's light, sexy and fun, and yet the serious issues mixed in add to the book rather than feeling out of place. This resulted in something that I enjoyed most of the time while I was reading it.But then there were the nitpicky things that drove me nuts. The biggest had to do with the Donovans' insane family dynamic. Tessa manipulating her brothers got old, and even allowing for the fact that they lost their parents early and tragically, the brothers spend way too much time up in Tessa's personal business. I felt like they had yet to become independent adults.And on the manipulation front, at one point Tessa contacts the business' attorney and asks him to do something business-related for her on the side while keeping it secret from her brother, another owner of the business. That whole exchange was so unethical from a lawyer's point of view that it jerked me right out of the story. Still, I have to admit that the repartee between Tessa and Luke dragged me right back into it. I'd say this book was good enough to make me pick up the sequel for my TBR, even if it was somewhat flawed.