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Thorn in My Heart (Lowlands of Scotland Series #1) - Liz Curtis Higgs This would be more of a 3.5 star read for me. Set in late 18th century Scotland, this tale inspired by the biblical story of Jacob, Leah and Rachel goes into some interesting territory, but at times the writing seemed to meander just a bit too much.As the story opens, we follow the journey of Jamie McKie as his mother helps him claim his twin brother Evan's birthright. Jamie must flee, so his mother Rowena sends him to the home of her brother with the intention that he will find a bride among his uncle's daughters. As anyone familiar with the biblical story would expect, upon meeting his cousins Leana and Rose, Jamie falls in love with Rose right away. And that is where things finally started to get really intriguing in this book. In the earlier chapters, it was interesting in a way to see how Higgs developed her characters and how parts of Jamie's journey in the 18th century paralleled the biblical story. However, once we get into Jamie's arrival at his uncle's farm and the various love stories and marriage negotiations, I would say things are more "inspired by" biblical events rather than following them closely. After all, polygamy didn't play so well in the Scottish lowlands in the 1780s.On the plus side, Higgs does do a good job of showing her characters to the readers. We get to see them as imperfect people, and something about that makes them seem approachable and helps bring the story to life. However, the writing sometimes got a little frustrating, particularly since the author has a habit of using Scottish dialect, but then having the character shortly after explain the terms used. In addition, the story dragged on somewhat longer than it really needed to and I found myself impatient for things to just get to the point about midway through. Still, I had to bump the grade up a little since I couldn't stop thinking about the story for quite a while after I finished.