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Waltz with a Stranger - Pamela Sherwood I gave this one a C+ at All About Romance. Not sure what that translates to here - 3.25 stars? 3.5?Going into it, I knew that Waltz With a Stranger had been inspired by Edith Wharton, that it was set in the 1890s, that it featured American heiresses husband-hunting in Europe - all things that would make a story sound promising to me. And it really does have its good points. However, the story also has a lukewarm quality to it that fails to fully engage the reader. The story seems downright lovely at times, but so much of that loveliness fails to live on in the memory and that makes the reading experience only a bit better than the average.Aurelia and Amelia Newbold, twin heiresses from New York, have done surprisingly well at their London debuts. Even the more stodgy aristocrats seem charmed by their vivacity and by Amelia's beauty. The twins are identical, but a riding accident left Aurelia with a large facial scar, a limp, and an utterly devastated self-confidence. While hiding away in the shadows at a ball, Aurelia meets James Trevenan and the two share a thrilling waltz. Afterward, something about the magic of that moment allows Aurelia to start dreaming and hoping again. She agrees to go abroad to seek treatment in a spa and after hard work and what we would now call physical therapy, she returns to English society a year later.Upon her return, Aurelia finds her twin engaged - to the very same James Trevenan with whom she shared the unforgettable waltz. If this were a more cliched story, Amelia would be the evil twin and all kinds of intrigue would ensue as the good twin tries to get her man. But she's not. As it turns out, Amelia and Aurelia are devoted to one another. In fact, the entire Newbold family is quite close-knit - a nice change to see in romance. I can't remember the last time I met a family in historical romance where all the parents and children were alive and reasonably untortured. The Newbolds are sweet, and their family is one of the good parts of this book. This is a partial review. The full text is available at All About Romance: http://www.likesbooks.com/cgi-bin/bookReview.pl?BookReviewId=9295