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Review - Across the Universe

Across the Universe - Beth Revis

Perhaps my expectations were just too high. I've read tons of glowing reviews for this novel and I know that several of my online reading buddies have liked it. At any rate, while Across the Universe had some very good moments, too much of it was just average for me.

Given the difference in their perspectives, I thought alternating viewpoints between Amy and Elder made perfect sense. The author gives the two distinct voices when we're inside their heads so there was no mistaking which narrators' chapters I was reading.I also thought the book had some really vivid, unforgettable scenes. The opening scene where Amy is cryogenically frozen for her space voyage was a great one. There are some others as well, but they come later in the book and I don't want to spoil it.


That being said, I figured out most of the big secrets of the ship early on and I started to get frustrated with the characters as the story meandered on and they just didn't seem to get a clue. And then there was the fake slang that I assume was invented for the book. By the time I hit page 400, I never wanted to see the word "frexing" ever again.Overall, this isn't a bad book and the ideas in it were interesting, but things could have used a bit more polish.