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Finding Justice (Harlequin Super Romance Series #1835) - Rachel Brimble 2.5 stars Oh my goodness, where do I even start? I did like the setting of this book. Most Superromances I've read have American settings, so the English seaside town was a nice change. And I liked the basic set-up of the novel, with police sargeant Cat coming to the town to investigate her childhood friend's murder and also rekindling a romance with her first boyfriend, Jay. There's actually a lot of potential in this book, but things starts turning into a bit of a mess early on.First of all, both characters are dealing with addiction issues - the heroine's mother is an alcoholic and the hero is a recovering drug addict. Parts of this get handled well and one can see where this would be an obvious source of conflict. However, the heroine's suspicion of her former friend and hero starts to make no sense after a while. The poor guy proves himself over and over and over, but she still keeps questioning Jay. Cat apparently trusts the guy enough to initiate sex with him, but can't trust him enough to believe in his innocence.I also got frustrated with Cat because of how long she kept hiding things from Jay. At first, this makes sense given the circumstances of the murder investigation and the fact that they haven't seen each other in 7 years. However, even after these two start embarking on some kind of romantic relationship, she still hides her mother's drinking problem from Jay. It all leads to a constant cycle of physical attraction and mutual distrust. Oh, and Jay has apparently been in love with Cat the whole time she's been gone and he declares this often.In addition to the relationship, the so-called murder investigation is rough going, too. Cat seems to have no strategy and her approach to witnesses and gathering evidence just made no sense. It could have been an exciting story, but just didn't fulfill its potential.