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First Time For Everything - Aimee Carson DNF This is a very short book, but even so, after reading about 2/3 of the story, I just couldn't take it any more. This is a "free-spirited woman meets seriously buttoned-up man" romance, and I often like those. However, the heroine is this one is way over the top in her hippie free-spiritedness and the hero just never seemed all that compelling to me. Things in this book start off a little zany (heroine organizes a flash mob in front of the courthouse and gets arrested) and while I could accept this as a cute and fluffy, feel-good story at first, it just kept losing its cuteness.The book works somewhat as a romp, but then the author starts injecting the angst of everyone's pasts into it, and that just didn't work. The heroine's backstory felt contrived rather than genuinely painful. Even then, I could still keep going until the legal errors kept on piling up. The hero is a prosecutor for the Feds, but the heroine hires him to be her defense attorney in her state court case. Yes, I know we have separate sovereigns and all that vis a vis federal courts/state courts, but I still don't see this scenario working. I don't know too many US Attorneys who would let their AUSAs moonlight as defense counsel. And then there's the whole "I'm your attorney. I'm also your boss. But hey, we can still have sex!" plotline. I don't know the Florida ethics rules for attorneys, but in most states, sleeping with clients is a great way to get hauled in front of a tribunal. And after that, this book pretty much lost me.