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The Matrimony Plan - Christine  Johnson 3.5 stars This book falls into that B-/C+ range for me. Overall, it's a very sweet story and I enjoyed the 1920 setting, as it's one I don't find too often in romance. Felicity Kensington is the daughter of the richest family in Pearlman, Michigan and her very ambitious mother has plans for her to attend art school in New York. However, art school is Felicity's mother dream that she never got to realize for herself and Felicity just doesn't have an interest in art. Her main interest seemed to be getting away from her pretentious and heavyhanded mother - both of which any reader will be able to understand very early in the book.So what's her escape plan? Convincing the new engineer her father has hired to marry her. Felicity's plan goes awry when she meets the new young pastor in town, Gabriel Meeks, and the two are instantly attracted to one another. What follows is the fairly classic "Heroine has two men in pursuit. Which will she choose?" story, but there are a few twists in this one.In terms of tone, the book touches on some darker things(including a plot surrounding the search for local bootleggers) but overall keeps a rather light and sweet tone. Given the small town setting and some of the social attitudes of Felicity's mother, at times I felt like I was reading a Little House on the Prairie episode, with Felicity cast as a much more compassionate Nellie Olsen. At times, things get a little too sweet and some of the history felt a bit off. For example, I'm not sure that "Ms." was used to address young, unmarried women in 1920 quite as commonly as it is now. Even with that, I still enjoyed this book. I was in the mood for a light and happy read after finishing The Little Stranger and this certainly fit that bill.