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The Ashford Affair - Lauren Willig Full of historical detail and a big, sweeping romance, The Ashford Affair makes for a thrilling read. As in her beloved Pink Carnation series, Willig presents readers with a story within a story. However, in this case, the modern day (or at least kind of modern - their story is set in 1999) lovers' quest for the past takes them through some thorny family secrets and discovery. What they - and we - think we know about our families may not be the whole story.At 34, Clementine (Clemmie) Evans has worked for years to make partner at her New York law firm, and it's a quest that has cost her a social life, a fiancé, and most of the things her peers would consider normal in life. There is one relationship that she holds dear, though: Her love for her Granny Addie, the grandmother whom she admires and adores above almost anyone else. Some of her earliest memories center on the love her grandparents had for one another, so when she learns at her grandmother's 99th birthday party that her family may not have been what it seemed, she can't let that mystery go.From there, we get a story that jumps back and forth between Clementine's life in New York and Addie's life. We see Addie coming, if not entirely welcomed, to live in the home of her aristocratic aunt and uncle in early 20th century England and we get to follow her on into 1920s Kenya. As Clemmie learns more about the life her grandmother lived, she finds herself joining forces with Jonathan Schwartz, a historian and a man from Clemmie's past with whom she might have some unfinished business of her own.If you like smart dialogue, you'll get plenty of it here. The exchanges between Addie and Frederick, and Clemmie and Jon, as well as with some of the other major characters, made the book jump to life. We see Addie growing into herself as she changes from a lost, unwanted orphan to a confident, somewhat no-nonsense young woman, we see her peers struggling with the changes in society wrought by WWI, and we see Clemmie adjusting as she learns her family's real past rather than the one she thought they had.This is a partial review. You can find the full text at All About Romance: http://likesbooks.com/cgi-bin/bookReview.pl?BookReviewId=9461