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Soul Sucker (Soul Justice, #1) - Kate Pearce When I read paranormals these days, I'm looking for good worldbuilding. I've read too many books where the paranormal side of things feels completely unbelievable or where everything reads like a typical contemporary save only for the occasional mention of the hero's fangs (and it is usually the hero, isn't it?) In Soul Sucker, we not only get a good romance, but the author creates a world that had an internal logic to it and which drew me in pretty quickly. Speaking of worlds, it's hard to understand the plot of this novel until you understand its world. The characters in this story inhabit a realm where the land of Faerie is real and sometimes its inhabitants really do come into our world and cause problems. Some folks are human, some are Fae, and some are a blend of the two. The heroine, Ella Walsh, is an empath, someone gifted with the ability enter another's mind and take away parts of another's memory as well as being able to interact with supernatural creatures. There is a downside, though. Whenever Ella intervenes in a situation, she not only helps someone else but she ends of taking on the psychic trauma and memories of all those someones she's helped. We see it causing her headaches and we learn that most empaths around age 27 tend to break down completely.And that's where our romance comes in. As it turns out, the governing body that monitors Ella and her colleagues has a matchmaking program that pairs empaths with volunteers who are part-Fae.These part-Fae mates are able to provide balance to the empaths and so keep them from breakdown. Ella didn't particularly like the idea of being paired up with whomever the bureaucrats chose for her, so even though her 27th birthday approaches, she's been ignoring her notices. But romantic entanglements might just might find their way to her anyway.This is a partial review. You can find the complete text at All About Romance: http://likesbooks.com/cgi-bin/bookReview.pl?BookReviewId=9499