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Point of No Return (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense)(Missions of Mercy, #1). - Susan May Warren 3.5 stars Overall, this was a good read, and very different from most of what I encounter. For starters, it's set in Georgia and it's obvioua that this author is familiar with the region and with some of the political issues that plague parts of the former Soviet republics. In this particular story, a former military pilot(Mae Lund) in need of a second chance has travelled to Georgia to try to find her nephew who has disappeared while on an aid mission. The nephew is believed to have run off with the daughter of a warlord. Since said daughter is engaged to another man, this is a very delicate situation.And who ends up helping Mae? Her former boyfriend, Chet Stryker. Chet owns a small security company based out of the Czech Republic and he is called in to help keep this situation from turning into an international incident. I liked the suspense plotting, and I appreciated the author's knowledge of the setting. I also liked that she showed some of the real challenges Chet faces in getting a small security contracting business off the ground. In so many romantic suspense books, these types of businesses are often shown as being super successful and having all the latest toys. I've worked with enough contractors to know that Chet's business is a little closer to reality.So what irked me? Well, the relationship between Mae and Chet drove me nuts at times. Chet takes an almost paternalistic view toward Mae. The woman is a trained military pilot, but Chet just doesn't like the idea of her flying missions and throughout this story, he keeps trying to take her away from the action and sideline her while he goes off to save the day alone. He eventually changes his tune, but it took much too long for me.