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Freefall - Jill Sorenson 3.5 stars - I gave this a B- at All about Romance. I've been feeling some series fatigue lately, so I was surprised by how much I really wanted to see sequels to Aftershock. It was a fabulous read, and I just had to know what happened to the other earthquake survivors. Those who read Aftershock will be aware that Sam Rutherford is something of a mysterious character given that he was unconscious for most of that book. I looked forward to uncovering some of his secrets in Freefall, but while the book was full of action, the love story left me a little cold.As the story begins, park ranger Hope Banning has planned a rafting trip with her younger sister Faith, but plans get changed as Hope is called into work at the last moment. A small plane has crashed in a remote section of the park, and Hope must get to that plane in order to organize aid for any survivors. No other rangers are available to help, so she recluctantly heads out with Sam. We learn early on that Hope spent a night with Sam which ended in him basically kicking her out, so she understandably feels a bit wary working with him.Sam isn't any more thrilled to be out climbing with Hope. In fact, he really doesn't want to climb with anyone. It's obvious that Sam has struggled with inner demons after losing his fiancee, and he engages in dangerous behavior with little regard for his life. Even so, Sam feels very strongly that he does not want to hold another climber's life in his hands; he doesn't want to run the risk of possibly harming someone else. Yet as he and Hope work together, he finds himself admiring her and starting - albeit reluctantly at first - to feel very protective of her. And when they reach the crash site and find not only a plane crash but a homicide, things turn suspenseful very quickly.This is a partial review. You can find the complete text at All About Romance: http://likesbooks.com/cgi-bin/bookReview.pl?BookReviewId=9554