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I'm one of the publishers of All About Romance. I love reading romance, as well as mysteries, fantasy, history and historical fiction, and all kinds of other things. Staying on Goodreads for now but trying this out in case I decide to switch.

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Obsession (Faces of Evil) - Debra Webb I'd heard this series buzzed about back when it was being self-pubbed, so when I saw it in the bookstore(it's since been picked up by Grand Central), I decided to give it a whirl. It wasn't bad, but just kind of a blah read for me. The general plot involves an FBI agent who has fallen from grace and is now back home in Birmingham helping an old flame with a case involving the mysterious disappearance of a number of young women. I've enjoyed some of Webb's Harlequin books, but the leads in this story never really took off for me. I kept hoping the suspense story would catch fire, but that just plodded along a bit, too. I didn't hate it, but I never felt fully engaged either. In addition, we see parts of the action through the eyes of one of the kidnapped young woman, and the "ick factor" for most of that part of the story is pretty high. I like a good thriller, but this one doesn't really stand out from the crowd for me.