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Rendezvous At Gramercy - Constance Ravenlock This month’s theme for the multi-site TBR Challenge had me scratching my head a little. We’re supposed to read a RITA winner or runner-up. Now I have to admit that, at least in recent years, my reading tastes and the RITAs have diverged somewhat. I also noticed as I scrolled down the list of RITA winners that the books I did have from that list were almost all books I’d already read.Then I got to the real oldies – books I would have been too young to read the first time around. My mother and grandmother both enjoyed Candlelight romances and I’ve ended up with a big box of their former keepers (some people get silver and china, some get antiques, I get old category romances and gothics – no wonder I write on a romance site). Sure enough, I managed to dig out a 1981 novel, winner of the 1982 Golden Medallion for Best Category Historical Romance, entitled Rendezvous at Gramercy by Constance Ravenlock. That’s right. This book goes back so far that they hadn’t even started calling the award the RITA yet. I wasn’t sure what I’d encounter when I read this one but it turned out to be a bit of a gem. I’d probably give it a B.The story appealed to me as soon as I started reading. For starters, heroine Alexis Palme is the daughter of a Swedish diplomat – you don’t meet those in historical romance very often. On top of that, rather than the now-ubiquitous Regency England setting, the majority of the action in this book takes place in Napoleonic France. The story opens as the spoiled young Alexis sets sail for Gibraltar to join her father. Sweden, as a neutral country, is attempting to quell the conflict with France that has torn the Continent apart for years. Alexis never makes it to Gibraltar as her ship sinks and she ends up washing up on the shores of Brittany.Even though the family fears their shipwreck victim may be an English spy, the Count and Countess de Chambord do not want to leave her to her death and so they take her home to the Chateau Gramercy. As Alexis recovers, she starts to learn that all is not as it seems at the chateau – and she meets the brooding local doctor, Edouard Lautrec. This is a partial review. You can find the complete text at All About Romance: http://www.likesbooks.com/blog/?p=10102