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Review - The Paris Assignment

The Paris Assignment - Addison Fox

If you like a good romantic thriller, The Paris Assignment is certainly worth trying. The plot is a fairly classic one, but the author does a good job of putting her own spin on a much-used trope, resulting in a solid read.


Abigail McBane is no delicate flower, but even this strong executive could use help on occasion. Abby serves as CEO of a company that dominates the communications industry and on the eve of what promises to be a big move for her company, she uncovers a serious breach in her computers. Somehow someone has gotten by her security and spent seven untraceable minutes in her databases and she wants the mysterious culprit shut down.


Confiding in a college friend results in that friend sending her brother, computer genius Campbell Steele, to work on the problem with Abby. Since Abby is determined to carry on with her planned annual board meeting in Paris, Campbell tags along in a role that is part computer guru and part bodyguard. Abby is at first reluctant to work with Campbell and since she trusts her staff completely, she does not appreciate Campbell questioning their loyalty. Even so, each recognizes early on that the other is both skilled and highly intelligent, and that helps them bond. The fact that they have almost instant chemistry doesn't hurt either.


The "heroine in danger and in need of protection" plot comes up pretty frequently in romantic suspense. I'm not fond of weak heroines as a rule, so this is usually not a plot that I seek often. However, Fox throws in some wonderful touches in this book. First of all, we see right away that both of the leads are bright and more than capable; their strengths simply lie in different areas.


This is a partial review. You can find the complete text at All About Romance.