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I'm one of the publishers of All About Romance. I love reading romance, as well as mysteries, fantasy, history and historical fiction, and all kinds of other things. Staying on Goodreads for now but trying this out in case I decide to switch.

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The Danger Game - Caitlyn Nicholas

Have you ever read something that starts off well but by the end, you find yourself wondering, "What the %^%^(*&* did I just read?" That was The Danger Game. This novella has a strong start as Felicity(Flick) Smith discovers her boss murdered. She knows that his killing has something to do with a computer program they've been working on that has potential as a weapon. A mysterious "security guard" who turns out to be something else all together ends up being both her love interest and her only ally.This one starts off as a fairly tightly plotted cybermystery as Flick tries to unravel the secrets of the mystery program while also trying to clear herself of any wrongdoing. This went along well enough and more than held my interest, but then the novella suddenly morphed into an action thriller with kitchen sink plotting and an ending filled with all kinds of disjointed, abruptly paced and occasionally just plain illogical and weird goings-on. Not terrible, but it could have been so much more.