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Cherish This Moment - Sandra Canfield I knew Sandra Canfield got rave reviews among other category romance readers, but this was my first time trying one of her works. Cherish This Moment was written in the 1980s, but it worked very well for this 21st century reader. Unusual for the time, the book featured a heroine in her mid-30s and a 42-year-old hero. Their romance is quite the tearjerker story and overall it's very well done.Tracy Kent works as a freelance writer, and we figure out early on that she's not only single but has walled herself off from most human interaction. The author wastes no time in letting us know that Tracy's fear of intimacy comes not only from having been raped, but from having her reputation dragged through the mud during the ensuing rape trial.Enter Cole Damon. Cole is the almost-too-perfect Congressman Tracy must interview for an assignment. The two actually do hit it off and Cole is very interested in Tracy. She rebuffs him, but he persists affably enough for the two to start something of a friendship/romance by phone. Even though Cole has no idea at first why Tracy has such a fear of men and relationships, he can tell that the fear is there and proceeds very slowly and gently with her. Sometimes his persuading and cajoling of Tracy was a little annoying for me, but the scene where Tracy reveals her secret was enough to make me forgive the hero those minor transgressions. Seriously, I think it's nearly impossible to read The Big Reveal scene without getting teary-eyed.There's some melodrama involving a tabloid journalist that makes for added conflict but which really didn't need to be there - and definitely didn't need to be as over the top as it was. Even so, this love story is deeply emotional and worth tracking down.