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Review - 16 Lighthouse Road

16 Lighthouse Road - Debbie Macomber

This book is pretty much the literary equivalent of dinner at my in-laws' house. What do I mean by this? Well, my MIL has a tendency to go on and on for hours at a time telling stories about her neighbors, fellow church members, etc... in minute detail. Often she is the only person at the table who knows any of these folks. So, while the tales might be marginally interesting, it's basically a lot of gossipy news about strangers so it doesn't really grip the emotions or imagination.And that's what this book is.


Macomber doesn't just tell the story of one couple here; We get several plotlines involving a relatively large cast of characters. Cedar Cove sounds like a nice enough town and the various players going through romantic entanglements and other issues of varying sorts all deem like decent people. However, while we get the details of their lives and situations to an extent, not much time is spent getting to know them well as people. This makes the book seem like a series of random vignettes giving the reader little peeks into the lives of complete strangers. And since these are fairly ordinary, humdrum lives (meant to be relateable to readers, I suspect), they hold my attention only to a limited degree. I didn't wish ill on any of the various main characters, but I can't say I felt all that invested either.